Baby Blanket for Strollers and Car Seats

Bundle up!

As the winter months roll around, you’ll undoubtedly be looking for ways to keep your little one warm and cozy. After all, you shouldn’t have to forego all of your daily activities just because of the weather! At IntiMom we know the struggle all too well, so we decided to do something about it! That’s where our stroller and car seat baby blanket comes in! Made from soft, snuggly fleece, our baby blanket cover is the perfect barrier between your newborn and the outside elements. With IntiMom’s baby stroller blanket you can still take your daily strolls, even when the weather outside is frightful!

Stuck on you!


Babies love to toss and play with blankets, so keeping them wrapped up in their car seat or stroller can be quite the challenge! That’s why we designed our 29.5” x 27.6” blankets with 2 openings that allow you to secure it with the crotch straps on your car seat and stroller. Our blanket’s unique design makes it compatible with most brand name carriers. And its versatility also makes it the perfect baby shower gift!

The softest of the soft!


Known for its extreme softness, minky fleece is kid favorite. We use it on both sides of our baby blanket, with a bumpy texture on one side, and a smooth one on the other. Not only does this provide the ultimate warmth and comfort, but your little one will also love exploring the alternating textures! Plus, it’s great for concealing any stains and spills that might occur throughout your day!

Quality products, ultimate peace of mind.

It’s always great when you’re happy with a product you’ve purchased, but it’s even better when the entire shopping experience is great, too! Amazing customer service is our highest priority at IntiMom, so if you are unsatisfied with your blanket for any reason, let us know! We will make it right or provide you with a full refund.



You want your baby to have the best of everything, especially when it comes to staying warm during those cold winter months! With the IntiMom stroller and car seat blanket, your little one will stay warm and snuggly through any season.



Is there anything better than being wrapped in luxurious softness? Our large 29.5” x 27.6” baby blankets are made of plush, minky fleece, providing an ultra soft and cozy barrier to protect your child from the elements.



Baby blankets are notoriously hard to keep track of! They’re always falling off, bunching up, or getting stuck. Luckily, InitMom’s unique design secures your blanket and keeps it in place through car rides and long walks. We craft our blankets with 2 openings that you can put around the stroller and car seat crotch straps, so you never have to worry about losing another blanket again!



Babies and toddlers experience their world through touch. We know the importance of tactile experiences, so we designed our blanket with 2 different textures. Not only will our blanket keep your child warm, it’s also a great way for your little one to discover new fabrics and feels!