Stroller Organizer

Are you tired of taking your baby bag to any place, even for a short walk to the garden? Stroller Organizers are a great additional to strollers. They are something between baby back and wallet. They will keep your hand free from carrying stuff by hands or carrying your bag to any place.
IntiMom’s Stroller Organizer comes with some new features you will not find elsewhare.


  • 4 Velcro Straps

    will make sure your organizer will not slide down

  • Bottle Holder

    When buying IntiMom Stroller Organizer you get a bottle holder. Your child’s bottle will not get lost again

  • Pacifier Strap

    Special way to keep your baby’s pacifier.The pacifier remains available and out of the mess of a bigger storage

  • A lot of storage

    1 medium storage for diapers, cream, and other big things, 2 cup holders, and 1 mash bag for keys and cell phone, will make sure you can carry all you need and still keep it lightweight