Stroller Sun Shade

What is Universal Stroller Sun Shade?

Our stroller sunshade and car seat sun cover is a unique invention developed by us. IntiMom Strongest SunshadeIf you ever got tired of swaddles that blowing in the first wind, and want something that will stay in its place even with the strongest wind, we provide what you asked for, and even a lot more. Our Sun Shade fit all standard strollers and car seats. It come with SPF 30+ sun protection and allows the parent and the baby see through.

Main Features

  • Sun Protection

    With SPF 30+ your child is protected from 97% of sun rays.

  • See Through

    The Sun shade allows you to see your child and your child can see you, but they will still be protected from the sun and the wind.

  • Adjustable and Flexible

    The Sun Shield will fold with your stroller and cat seat.

  • Strong and Stable

    With super strong hooks and 4 laces you can rest assure that the sun shade will stay in its place even with the strongest wind.


We don’t have a special version for double strollers or stand n sit strollers. However, if your double stroller has 2 canopies and when to tie the laces between the 2 seats, then you can use our sun shade cover

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