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In IntiMom we focus on making your breastfeeding experience as natural as possible

Breastfeeding products

  • IntiMom Nursing Cover
  • IntiMom Nursing Pads

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Stroller Products

Anyone has a stroller, but not any stroller comes with a great sun shade nor with a great stroller organizer

IntiMom Stroller Productts include

  • Sun Shade
  • Stroller Organizer
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IntiMom Sun Shade for Strollers and Car seats is unique!

What is IntiMom?

IntiMom Baby Products stated on 2015 where we identified the need to nurse in public, but there was some objection to breastfeeding in restaurants, shopping malls, parks and more. In order to deal with this better, we have developed our breastfeeding cover.

When we saw, that moms are using swaddle to hide their stroller from the sun, we realized that a better solution to that should be invented, so we came out with our stroller sun shade. This unique shield was aimed to stay hooked to the stroller but o the same time allow air circulation and your baby can see through.

We developed our reusable and washable nursing pads for moms who breastfeed and hate the disposable nursing pads. Our bamboo nursing pads are soft and will get softer as long as you wash them.

For short travels, to the paly yard and back we help moms with our organizer, which spare you from carrying that big baby bag. Instead you can use a light stroller organizer that can store your baby bottle, diapers, dummy and more.

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IntiMom Nur
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