Breast Milk vs. Powdered Milk: Which is better?

Almost all experts would agree that breast milk is always going to be better when compared to powdered milk. However, certain situations change this kind of ranking condition between the two types of milk. To further prove which type of milk is the best for your child, you need to know when it is proper to give your child breast milk or powdered milk and what their benefits are.

Right Conditions for Breastfeeding

Healthy Newborns – This means that the newborn baby does not have any defects that would make him or her.

Abled Mothers – You cannot say that all healthy mothers are able mothers. There are those who do not want to breastfeed their child, and this is a situation that crushes out the option of breastfeeding. There are also those that want to breastfeed their child but cannot do so because of reasons regarding their health or status in life; which makes them out for the category of abled mothers.

Abundant Milk – There are also mothers that tend to have less milk compared to others. In this case, the breast milk may be insufficient for the child, and the health of the child may decline. It is also possible that the milk is not healthy; especially when the mother’s lifestyle is unpleasant.

Right Conditions for Formula Feeding

Unhealthy Newborns – After the baby is born, he or she is submitted for a series of test to know if there is something wrong with him or her. If in any case, the child will be unable to breastfeed then formula feeding will be the best option. Some babies are born with a physical defect which makes it difficult for them to have breast milk; for some, breast milk can even be dangerous.

Working Mothers – When the mothers need to work and cannot bring their babies along with them then formula milk is best for the babies. Pumped breast milk can only last for a couple of hours before it gets rotten.

Unhealthy Mothers – These mothers would be defined as those who are not physically able to breastfeed their babies. There might be an underlying problem such as diseases that may be transmitted by the mother to the baby. Also, those who are not healthy will tend to give out breast milk that will be insufficient to support the child’s nutrition.


Choosing what is best for the baby should be done with consideration to the child’s condition and also the mother’s. You cannot force breastfeeding if it cannot be done, and this is where formula feeding comes in. However, if there are no problems with both you and your child, it is clear that breast milk is best for your baby.