Why Use Cover Ups When Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding is a regular type of baby feeding and the best kind. The interest of this type of nutrition is prioritized on the child’s health and nothing more as to make other people uncomfortable. However, negative opinion about public breastfeeding has been shaking the women’s stronghold of what is proper and not.

Main Goals of Breastfeeding

  1. A mother feeds her baby using her breast because the milk that comes from it has all the nutrition needed for a child’s growth and development. Up until a given month; in the 6th month or so; is the child given solid foods together with breastfeeding. It is still healthy for the child even if he or she goes beyond the age of two; considering that the mother has much breast milk.
  2. Immune System Booster. Women who submit themselves to public awareness lectures about birthing and the importance of breastfeeding, know that besides the nutrition of the breast milk. Antibodies that only the first gush of milk coming from the breasts can give the best immune boost for the little ones’ immune system - this is very important since the babies are first exposed to the world.
  3. Breastfeeding does hold not only physical benefits but also emotional and mental advantages towards both the child and the mother - this is the time where the bond of the mother and the baby grows. The eye contact that they share will strengthen the love, safety, and security that they feel when they are in each other’s presence.

How the Public Criticizes Breastfeeding

Open minded people who are aware of the long term effects of breastfeeding do not have a problem with mothers doing it in public. But for some, they claim to be okay with it as long as the mothers do it in the loo or bathroom stalls or anywhere that they could not see. However, mothers cannot control their child’s appetite, so they tend to feed them anywhere, anytime.

With the buzz nowadays, of people trying to shame mothers that are breastfeeding in public, going viral on social media, some mothers have taken their stand to reason out about not doing anything wrong. Some would suggest that the best compromise for both the mothers and the critics are the new breastfeeding covers that are manufactured and distributed all around the world to support public breastfeeding.

Pros of Using Breastfeeding Covers

When a mother uses a breastfeeding cover, not only is she protecting her child from damaging external factors such as smoke or other airborne bacteria but she is also protecting what is shared privately between her and her child. It will be both comfortable for the public and the mother because people cannot witness the child suckling onto a mother’s breast and the mother will have the privacy that she wants by covering up her private parts that are exposed when she breastfeeds her baby. It is a win-win situation that only costs a few dollars.