Public Breastfeeding: How Some Mothers Address To The Demands Of Covering Up

There have been a lot of incidents posted on social media about women who are breastfeeding in public and were shamed by other people for doing so.

Most of the female population got angry with those strangers who demanded that women who are publicly breastfeeding their children should go to the loo or somewhere private because it disgusts them or makes them uncomfortable. To help evaluate the whole drama, everybody should ask those demanding strangers why, in the first place, are they intensely negative about women who are breastfeeding in public.

How Malice Influences The Mind

There was one complaint by a man who claimed that his daughter was watching the whole breastfeeding scenario and he is thinking of how it would affect her daughter’s mind. The response of the criticized mom was concise and straightforward; reasoning out that kids do not know and or put any malice regarding breasts as adults do. Most children have undergone breastfeeding, and mothers know that a child suckling on the chest of a woman thinks of no evil.

What is very sad about these events is the fact that women are criticized for the things that they are rightfully doing. Breastfeeding is the best kind of feeding that a mother can give to her child. The milk coming from the breasts of a mother does not only contain the nutrition that a baby’s body needs but also the required antibodies to fight off the menacing external factors such as bacteria and viruses that the baby is exposed to once he or she is out of the mother’s womb.

A Mother’s Choice

Nothing is wrong with breastfeeding in public; that is for sure. It is recommended by all doctors around the world and is practiced in almost all hospitals. However, for those who are still new to breastfeeding in front of the public or those that are not comfortable with exposing their breasts to the public, then they can opt to buy a breastfeeding cover. These covers are uniquely designed for breastfeeding purposes in consideration with the child and the mothers’ comfort.

Most mothers would worry about not having the eye contact that they need if they put on a breastfeeding cover. Some even think about how it can suffocate a child without them knowing or make them uncomfortable in so many ways especially if they are in a hot location. What these mothers should know is that there are very child-friendly covers that have appropriate stitches for them to have the eye contact that they need and the right kind of exposure for the baby.

When one buys a breastfeeding cover, it is best if she tries it out first together with the baby so that she’ll know if that is the best for both of them. She should consider the comfort and the kind of materials used to make the cover. It is vital to check about any allergic reactions; hypoallergenic materials are recommended.