The Best Breastfeeding Position That Will Prevent Engorged Breasts

Pregnant mothers tend to have bigger breasts because their hormones are filling up the glands with milk.

After giving birth, the rush of milk into the breasts will sometimes be overwhelming especially for first-time mothers because it will make the breasts hard and aching especially when not relieved -this is a good sign because it indicates the abundance of milk that a mother has for the baby’s feeding.

What is an engorged breast?

An engorged breast is hard and dense. It seems to have bulky masses that tend to ache when there is no relief, and the only way to get rid of the pain is to breastfeed or to let the milk gush out the nipples - this is also one of the reasons why breastfeeding is great for mothers.

If you are not breastfeeding then you should be able to ease the pain by putting an ice pack in your swollen breasts; the coolness will numb the ache. Also, you should try to avoid nipple stimulation so that the milk factory inside your breasts won’t need to work thru that kind of signal. Lastly, the best thing you can wear is a tight fit bra.

Latch On Breastfeeding Technique

Latch on breastfeeding is when your baby can take in your nipple for sucking. When your breast is engorged, the latching of the baby will tend to ease the discomfort that you feel. You do not have to worry about teaching the baby because babies instinctively do this once they sense your nipple in their lips.

A successful latch will feed your baby up to his or her tummy’s fill. Some others complain that they are having trouble with breastfeeding because their nipples are not adequately erected which makes it difficult for the baby to grab hold of the nipple. For this situation, it is best if you assist the baby by holding the tip of your beast and let her feed on that side of your breasts until it becomes properly erected.

Knowing How To Get Comfortable

It is not as easy as it looks. Breastfeeding is kind ‘of complicated especially for mothers who gave birth for the first time. The baby seems to be so fragile that slight pressure on his limbs would break him to pieces.

You need to be comfortable with your body so that your baby find a better way to be cradled in your warmth. Adjustments are routine because your baby may not be okay with your usual feeding position. You need to find which position suits him best even though you find it uncomfortable.

There are so many breastfeeding positions. There are even nursing positions that are not jotted in the books but are developed by mothers just to make sure that their babies feed well. You can either stand, sit and even lie down; just be sure that you won’t doze off while breastfeeding because you need to keep track of it so that your baby will not choke off or overfeed.