Loving Your Wife’s Postpartum Body

Sam Clark is a husband and a father to two lovely children. But Sam Clark is more than that, he is among the few who still love their wives’ postpartum bodies.

According to him, he said absolutely nothing to his wife about the way her body had changed after birth. His reasons? Well, he says it is none of his business. He doesn’t believe that a husband’s opinion of the wife’s physical changes after birth ranks anywhere on the importance scale.

It takes two to tangle, and Sam believes that men should not be bothered about their wives’ post-partum bodies simply because they are directly responsible for the changes. It is easy to imagine that your offspring would grow to be a great person in the world; maybe even find a cure for cancer or also be the first to step on Mars, right? But for these imaginations to even see the light of day, it is the wife/future mother who has to carry the baby for nine good months.

Even the nine months only matter if the baby is brought into the world while he/she lives. The joy of having a baby comes at a price. The woman experiences changes in her neurotransmitter levels which in turn lead to even more changes in terms of mentality and personality. Plus there is the inevitable change in her body as well. After all, it is she who has to breastfeed the baby, gain weight and experience the harshness of a myriad of daunting pregnancy symptoms, and this is precisely the reason why most people are terrified by the thought of pregnancy.

The more pregnancies a partner has to endure, the more pressure her body and mind have to face as well. Sam Clark knows that only too well. They have two children through his wife got pregnant four times. Sam knows what this can do to a partner’s body.

To him, the changes that pregnancy bring mean nothing; they change nothing about the way he perceives his wife. He still believes that his wife is as hot a redhead as she has always been. Sam reckons the fact that his body has also changed. It is a far cry from the body he had way back when he was a regular weightlifter and runner. Now he has to be content with lifting his daughter or chasing his three-year-old daughter around the house.

Sam believes that anyone who judges the postpartum changes in his partner is downright selfish and small-minded. Judgment is the last thing a new mother should be forced to deal with.

What is the difference between having a friend who gets laid off from work for months on end, gains weight because of it and as a result, undergoes an abdominal surgery and watching your partner go through pregnancy and come out of it safely? Simple, your partner would have brought your offspring into the world. The irony of the situation is that most people would lavish praise on their male friend for making it through while selfishly judging and downplaying their partners for the physical changes that birth brings. There is no justice in that. The body of your partner after birth should ignite pride; it should be loved and appreciated for bringing forth the joy of family.