The Other Side of the Story: What’s wrong with breastfeeding in public?

When during your mall stroll you spot a mother publicly breastfeeding her baby, what do you usually think? Do you look away? Do you tell that mother to cover up? Or do you ignore it?

People have no problem with the choice of a mother breastfeeding her baby. It is known to be a very good method and is the best kind of feeding for babies. However, doing it in public has created a social debate whether it is appropriate or not.

The Criticism

If a woman breastfeeds in public; in malls, parks and public halls; she will expose her private parts to the people around her. Although the woman may not notice shifting eyes of the people at her sides, those that are nearby are becoming uncomfortable with the situation. Some even found seeing someone in public breastfeeding as disgusting. There have been claims of rage because they spotted someone doing it while they are with their children.

A recent post of a mother who defended herself for being socially harassed in social media because she chose to feed her child in public became a big talk. The stranger who was criticizing the woman was said to be with his daughter, and he found it disgusting even to let her daughter look at the scene. This incident brought about raging mothers who tried to convince the whole world that nothing is wrong with breastfeeding in public and it is also their struggle to keep themselves covered as possible while feeding their babies.

A Mother’s Response

With so many reasons given by women about why they are doing it in public, a standard reply have been put forward and justified that there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public. Mother’s do not know when their babies would be hungry, and some babies tend to drink more than they should. Although it is somehow a hassle for mothers to lift their shirts and expose private parts, their babies would always come first.

A Way to Feel Less Comfortable

Businesspeople have taken the opportunity to create a perfect solution to give mothers their privacy even in public and also a reason not to feel uncomfortable when there are women publicly breastfeeding. Breastfeeding covers are now available in the market. Unlike the usual clothes to cover, the new breastfeeding covers are creatively designed for mothers to have eye contact with their babies still.

Sometimes, when it is hot, it is not very practical to use covers because it will add up to the warm feeling that both the mother and the baby is feeling. With the right kind of breastfeeding covers, exposure for air and enough space are prioritized. This kind of material is a big step for everyone to settle the argument between the issues of breastfeeding in public. It can also be a safety measure considering the kind of place that the mother and child are.