How To Start Weaning

There comes a point when you need to totally stop breastfeeding and start training your baby to eat solid foods and formula milk. This stage is what you call weaning.

If your baby is exclusively breastfed until he is a toddler then weaning will be more challenging compared to those that were exposed to artificial nipples and have adapted this kind of feeding.

When is the right time for weaning?

“Breastfeeding is best for babies up to two years and beyond.” This claim is seen in formula milk covers, and even pediatricians would agree with this given that the mother or the baby doesn’t have any underlying health conditions. However, there are circumstances when the baby tends to stop breastfeeding from his mother voluntarily, or the mother decides to stop nursing her child. When either of those situations applies, weaning is the best way to support the baby’s nutrition.

First Steps for Weaning

Try a day without breastfeeding. By doing this, you would be able to observe how your child would react and what possible resolutions you can do to distract your baby from breastfeeding. However, you should also remember not to suddenly wean him because it will have unpleasant results to your child’s health.

Keep up with his interests in food. You should be able to give your baby what he wants without having to risk his health - this is a way of distracting him from breastfeeding. Also, eating good food that makes him happy will fill his tummy and thus, he probably won’t need your milk.

Do not prolong breastfeeding anymore - this means that you have to limit your child’s feeding when he opts to have your milk - this is to let him adapt to the whole weaning situation slowly. Once you see that he is comfortable with the fact that he won’t breastfeed again, then you can stop nursing him.

Commonly Asked Questions When Weaning

Is my child getting the nutrients that his body needs even though he is not breastfeeding anymore?

Yes. As long as you are feeding your baby with the right kind of food and the amount appropriate for his age. Remember that once your child turns into his 6th month age, he will need solid foods to keep up with his growth and development; meaning the mother’s milk is not enough for him anymore.

How do I know if I am giving him the right amount of food?

Notice that most baby foods made with the indicated age of the baby - this is to conveniently tell the parents that one pouch of this kind of cereal or one jar of this paste food is enough for the baby. If you are still not sure and are having doubts about the proper intake, then you can ask your pediatrician to guide you.

What kinds of foods should I give my child?

In the first parts of weaning, you have to let him eat a minimal amount of soft foods such as paste foods or ground fruits. You should not give any high protein or high carbohydrate foods quickly.