Until what age should a mother breastfeed?

Most of the time when it is a woman’s first birthing, she is recommended to do breastfeeding because it is the best thing to do - this continues up to the next children and last child, considering that the mother is still able to breastfeed.

There aren’t many cases of mothers giving birth at 57 years old because most women have their menopause before that age. However, in the case of a growing child, age is least the worries when it comes to motherhood norms such as breastfeeding.

With the advancement of science and the development of new technologies, it is now possible for a woman to have a baby regarding her age. A lot of people are wondering what’s next for them; will they be able to cope up with a child’s activeness? Should they breastfeed? The answer is YES.

How old should the toddler be to stop breastfeeding?

If you ask medical experts, you will get an answer with a simple quoted fact in health tarpaulins, and ilk covers – “Breastfeeding is best for babies at two years and beyond.” With this, one can imply that there is no exact age for toddlers to stop breastfeeding. If you are curious about how breastfeeding could go on even at four years old, the sense is defined by the solid foods combined with breastfeeding.

Of course, children in the toddler stage would need more than just breast milk. They should eat foods similar to that of the adults’. The breast milk is still a right kind of feeding because it can be sustenance for the immune system because there are still antibodies passed on from mother to child who can help in fighting off illnesses and or diseases.

Why is long term breastfeeding beneficial?

  1. It is best for your child’s health - this is like an investment for future use. The boost of the immune system in toddlers who stop breastfeeding at an old age is higher since they are continually taking in the antibodies coming from their mothers.
  2. It is best for your health. It will prevent a lot of hormonal issues in your system as a woman and a mother. It will help you cope up with your body’s new mechanism once you have entered motherhood. Breast cancer and other breast problems’ risk rate will be lower in comparison to those who do not breastfeed at all. Psychological distress can also be prevented when allowing your child to have your breast milk.
  3. It is best for your budget. If you do not have the money to sustain high-end milk for guaranteed nourishment of your babies, then this is the best solution for you. You can save more money if you breastfeed.
  4. It is best for your child’s character. Studies have shown that long term nursing can enhance the child’s mental and psychological behavior for the better. It can be used as a distraction or a peaceful resolution for your toddler’s tantrums.