Dear Mama Going to Your Second Year of Motherhood

Dear Mama,

It is only recently that I shared my thoughts with you on what it felt like welcoming your one-year-old. Those feelings have changed as a result of the happenings within the year.

My kid is now two years old, and he has an 18-day old newborn sister. This week, I took a break from my young and decided to spend time with my toddler. The fact that I realized how grown he gave me all kinds of emotions.

I just enjoyed watching how his tiny body was moving as he chased after the ball and saddened too by the fact that a few years to come, everything would change, I would be substituted with his to be pals, and his adorable little body would transform into a muscular one.

Here is how the second year went and a bit of advice too:

I believe that we as new parents should learn to take a break as we also give our toddlers a break too. Feeling right at something can take time as it’s a process. Before going into your second year, do not be too hard on both yourself and your toddler also. It is a learning process.

Never compare your kid to someone else’s. Always appreciate your own.

Learn to choose your battles well in the second year. You won’t be going into tiny details anymore as it was when the kid was just a baby. You will follow your gut and spend time with those who have sage advice for you ignoring the rest.

Your relationships with your real friends will evolve and get better as the exhaustion that ignited the tough times in the first year has faded.

Eating out will feel like quite a hustle as you will be forced to balance between having your meal and taking care of the baby. As a result, one will not be able to enjoy the meal as expected since most of the attention will be on the child.

Your child’s sleep pattern will change, and so will your philosophy. It might be a week by week adjustment, so you have to adjust yourself. It is advisable though to try having your child a nap, and go to sleep at a specific time each day.

Other things can wait. Always be present for your kid. You can unwind and have time for yourself after the toddler has slept.

At some point, you will experience the emergence of your child’s personality and a sparkle in them when they discover what they can do for themselves. Accept it all as you guide them.

Your kid’s temperament will change and pose a challenge. Guide them and teach them on boundaries as they need them to feel safe. Acknowledge the fact that they can’t effectively communicate what they need; thus you should always be there for them.

Expect questions on whether you want another kid. The answer is within you, as you will know how to answer that best.

You will enjoy when they start using words, adorably mispronouncing things that you won’t dare correct at all.

You will find your past self again as you get more rest than the first year although you won’t be free.

You are guaranteed of unsolicited hugs.

Good luck, mama. Do not think negatively about their new behaviors. Always remember that they still need you, need boundaries and guidance and love too. Soon, they will be grown and independent, and all the early years with sleepless nights will be gone and in the past. Do not rush this stage, and never push yourself hard. Remember you’ve got this!