Breastfeeding Positions – Which is the best for you?

There are different breastfeeding positions for mothers to pick from. How one breastfeeds is not solely reliable on the mother’s comfort, rather it is of the baby’s. If it is your first time to breastfeed then you should know more about different breastfeeding positions.

Cradle Hold Breastfeeding Position

This position is the best option for the first few months of the baby. You need to sit up straight; you can support your back with an armrest so that you won’t hurt it. Put your baby in a lying position in front of you and position your breast under the baby’s mouth so that it will be easier for him to latch on it.

A mother’s stomach can be excellent support for the baby. If you have a flat tummy then you can always put a small, soft pillow to support your child’s position; it will also be an effortless approach for you since you do not have to carry the baby with any effort.

Cross-cradle Breastfeeding Position

This position is somehow similar to the cradle hold but differs on the way the baby is positioned. Instead of cradling the baby in a lying position with the head slightly elevated, the baby is placed flat in the tummy which makes his position more on the sideways. His other arm should be clipped down on the side. With this position, you need to hold the bottom part of the baby’s head to support it while he latches on to your breasts. Remember that you need to sit down for this position for back support.

Football Hold Breastfeeding Position

As what the name implies, you need to hold the baby like you hold a football while running for a goal. You should be aware of the pressure that you put on your hold so that you will not hurt your baby. Your breasts should be held sideways near the baby’s mouth so that he can latch on it.

Lying Position

This position is also considered as the lazy breastfeeding position because the mother has to lie of her side while her baby feeds. This kind of position is dangerous especially if the mother sleeps while breastfeeding. The child may choke and die if not supervised.

While the baby is tightly snuggled in you, you should hold his back so that he won’t be able to roll away. Also, you should control your milk by grabbing a hold on your breast’s tip.

So which one is best for you?

You should try every position possible until both you and your child become comfortable. You need to remember that you need to alternately let the baby feed on each of your breasts every given gap of time.

Researching different positions will help you understand how it is done and what kind of advantages you have when you opt to do a football position instead of a cradle hold. Being aware is the best solution to prepare for motherhood.