Healthy and Happy Mom

Society seems to suggest that to enter motherhood you must be old looking plain dress as if motherhood is death! What exactly is motherhood supposed to look like? Ladies are different in sizes, personality, and fashion taste.

The funny part is that it is women who seem to be surprised that you can be a mother, and still look sexy. Motherhood is not the end of your fashioned life; instead, you can make it the beginning.

So, how does one keep it sexy, sassy and lively as a mother does? Can the woman and the mom happily coexist?

Yes, we can co-exist in five critical areas that support our goals and priorities. Although juggling motherhood and womanhood is not easy adjustments, sacrifices and compromises have to be made, and that can be quickly done.


You may be the mom but do not be duped into thinking you have to do everything alone. A family is a team with spouses, significant others, friends, other family, childcare providers, etc. Mothers have to learn to divide responsibilities to free up more time to enjoy your family. This division will allow you to create more opportunities that are enjoyable and you; your motherhood will be enjoyable and fulfilling.


Health is an absolute priority. Take care of your diet, exercise, and check your sleep pattern. Try to be at your best emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, that way you can you give your best. Relax, take walks and go out often. Unfortunately, you will not find it easy to carve out time, but your creativity will play along, take the children out to the sun, the parks, and help them ride their bikes or play together. These activities are the best health and wellness gifts you can give to yourself.


Use your man’s advances to boost your esteem. Who does not want to feel desired? Do not complain about getting a little, and sex is not just for the men, it is for you too. Let it remind you that you are desirable and beautiful to enjoy your intimacy. Great intimacy will provide you an opportunity to relax and, of course, keep your relationship amazing.


You do not have to compromise your career as you enter motherhood. You can have a successful career and still be an excellent mother. However, it will require you to build your network. Daycare is the right solution for mothers with tight schedules. One could also opt to leave their child with other parents who may be willing to share in carpool or homework duty. Plan well, and you get it.


You are a mom now, so you cannot be hanging it all out every weekend in the club, but you can still enjoy a pleasant time with friends. By the way, you are still the woman you always were with likes and interests that are entirely separate from your role as mom. Nurture that side of yourself. Your children will thank you for it.