How To Prepare For A Successful Breastfeeding

Being a mother for the first time is very challenging. You will be exposed to new and extreme measures just to cope up with the new phase of your womanhood and your child’s needs.

If you choose to breastfeed you baby then you should prepare for what is to come because as easy as it looks, it will be hard to adjust especially if you are beginner.

So how do you prepare for breastfeeding?

Read About It

There are many books about proper and successful breastfeeding. If you want to get fully prepared before your baby comes out, then you can read on about positioning your baby in a comfortable manner, what not to do when breastfeeding and how to handle your child’s appetite without him or her choking at the pace of your milk. You do not have to buy bulky books for this; you can even search the internet for tips so that you will be able to imagine how it would be in reality.

You should also check out forums about actual breastfeeding experiences because it can surely help you in the future. With real life claims from breastfeeding mothers, you will also be able to have a glimpse on what it is like having another human feeding directly from you.


Surely you know mothers that breastfeed. If reading is not your thing or you still cannot fathom the truth behind the books then you can always ask your mom or your sister or your friend about what it’s like and how it should be done. While you’re at it, try to observe what they do. You can also opt to ask doctors and experts for advice.

Buy Breastfeeding Products

For a successful breastfeeding, you should also buy something that will make the whole feeding more comfortable and convenient not only for the baby but also for you. If you do not know what you will possibly need except for your breasts then you should consider thinking about the clothes you wear and other accessories. Also you need to prepare for inevitable situations that will disable you to breastfeed and how you can remedy that.

For example, you need to buy breastfeeding bra so that it will be easier for you to latch out your bras without clumsily holding the baby; the faster it is unhooked, the better. To decide which nursing bra to choose, you should also consider an appropriate top that can be easily flapped at the sides. If you look closely at mothers in public, they tend to wear tops that have loose necklines with bras that unhooks in the front part.

If you have a lot of milk, you can choose to pump it out with the use of breast pumps. Breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator and can be used for hours. This is a very convenient thing especially if you have to run errands. You can also buy nursing pads so that when your milk comes out gushing without your baby, then you won’t soak in it.