Hidden benefits of motherhood written

So much has been said about the difficulties that come with a new baby. For starters you’ll have to say goodbye to your old life. Sleep becomes a privilege. Then there’s the stress that comes with giving it undivided attention 24 hours every day. All these difficulties are true. But what about the benefits that come with motherhood?

Motherhood gives you an opportunity to always play the “I have just had a baby“ card. That card comes with a lot of hidden benefits such as:

  1. You can get away with wearing anything
    It is totally excusable for you to wear a stained t-shirt for 3 days in a row. No one will question you for looking like you just walked out of a zombie apocalypse. You can wear the same greasy ponytail for a month and no mum will judge you.
  2. You are allowed to be late
    Having a newborn is a massive responsibility. This massive responsibility is the reason as to why no one will ask you if you show up late or not show up at for the PTA meeting. Everyone will understand that you are fatigued and overwhelmed.
  3. Your house can look like the aftermath of a tornado
    Visitors will understand if your house looks like an animal shelter. Who knows they might probably help you fold the laundry lying all over the living room floor.
  4. It’s perfectly okay not to return a phone call
    You’d be shocked by how understanding people will be when you don’t pick up their calls and eventually fail to return them. After all, you are busy attending to the needs of an infant who needs undivided attention. Returning a phone call in between diaper changes is the last thing on your mind.
  5. You are entitled to a “Get out of sex” free card
    You don’t have to explain to your husband why you are not having sex tonight and for the next month.
  6. Mom's brain is a real condition
    No one will expect you to remember anything. You can blame it all on your mummy brain. Always feel free to use this when you forget important events such as birthdays and anniversaries. The best part of it all is that everyone will totally understand.
  7. Anytime is nap time
    Mothers with newborns can take naps anytime without risking judgment. No one will get offended by you falling asleep right in the middle of a boring conversation.
  8. You are allowed to bring 99 items in the fitting room
    You’ve just had a newborn and are looking for new clothes for your post-baby body. You probably don’t know what size you are anymore. This makes it completely acceptable for you to drag every clothing item you can lay your hands on into the fitting room.
  9. Cooking will no longer be in your to-do list
    Keeping a person alive is no piece of cake. How are you supposed to juggle breastfeeding and baking? Say goodbye to your cooking skills and hello to take out menus.
  10. You control the remote
    Your husband will not question why he can’t catch the super bowl on TV. That’s right. You own the remote and have the right to watch reality TV all day long.